"This trip far exceeded our expectations. Beating the Italian U26 National Team on the penalty shots was a real highlight. It was a great experience for everyone." Don Vaughn

"This was by far the greatest trip ever for our hockey team. The combination of Italy and Switzerland is amazing and the level of hockey for our  team matched ours. The hotels, venues, excursions and staff were exceptional  and of course the cultural value to the players and families was priceless!" - John Bazzachini-Head Coach St. Olaf College Women's Hockey Team

"My family and I love these trips. I think Brad Doshan has a unique advantage with Eurosportours in that he has played college hockey, along with being a pro player and coach for over twenty years in Europe. He really understands what North Americans are looking for in terms of quality hockey, great accomadations, fantastic cuisine, service, and amazing venues like Venice and Lake Como, Italy. It really is an experience of a lifetime. - Dave Jensen, Vice President of TPG Sports"

"This was by far the greatest trip we have taken to Europe, the level of hockey was outstanding, the accommodations, transportation, cuisine and venues exceptional, and of course, the value of the cultural experience to both our kids and families priceless! - Larry Horstman, Shattuck’s Team Coordinator"

These trips are more than just a hockey experience; it’s a cultural experience for the kids and really can be a trip for a lifetime" for the players and their family that come along. Another key on international trips is the ability to schedule games with the right teams. It really helped having someone who can understand our level of play and then equate that into how we would compare to the different levels in Europe."About the Raiffeisen Cup Tournament: The players really had their eyes opened in that tournament. We played very well and learned quite a bit at the same time. Little things like pre-game rituals are different over there; the players get ready different – they are in the hall playing soccer and running around. From that perspective it’s totally different then North America, where you come out of the locker room spitting tacks because you are so fired up to play. In Europe it is a way different approach to the game. It’s very competitive - it’s just a different, almost more laid-back, way of getting there. But when the puck drops, both teams are ready to go! - Tom Ward, Shattuck’s Director of Hockey