Quinnipiac University Women’s Hockey Team First Ever to Play Olympic Bronze Medal Winners; The Swiss National Team!

The Bobcats became the first ever Division One Women’s Team to play against the Swiss National Team in August 2014. After the games and having traveled to Lake Como, Milan, and Venice, the team ended their trip in Rome. Blogging with the Bobcats in Italy: Amanda Colin and Kelly Babstock highlight the days in Rome.

Quinnipiac University Women’s Hockey

The whole team and travel group woke up around 9:00am to partake in the walking tour of Rome. Everyone got their headsets and earphones so we could all hear about the history that lies in the streets of Rome. Our first stop was the Colosseum. Walking up to this historical place literally gave many people the chills. Of course we spent a good amount of time in awe of the scenery as well as taking many pictures. As the tour continued we came to my personal favorite which was the Altare della Patria that signified the unity of Italy. The building was so well kept and breathtaking with all of the columns and sculptures intact. Some other amazing places we stopped at were the Spanish steps, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and also we saw what was an old shopping mall from Ancient Rome. Following the tour everyone went their own way. Lots of the team went shopping while others went for a more in depth tour of the Colosseum.

Following the tour everyone went their own way since the rest of the day was free. Lots of the team went shopping while others more sight-seeing. We all met up at the hotel to head to dinner. We ended up going to a recommended restaurant called "Est! Est!! Est!!!." The restaurant name came about from a neat story. Around the year 1100, a German bishop was traveling to Rome under the instructions of Emperor Henry V. He was instructed to travel ahead of the group to find the inns that offered good accommodations and above all good wines. The servant was instructed to chalk the word "EST!" (It is) on the walls outside the restaurant if the food and wine were good enough. "EST! EST!!" This was the day everyone was most excited for. The majority of the group purchased a ticket for a fast pass and tour of the Vatican.

This was by far my favorite part of the trip as it held so much history and religious significance. The tour allowed us to view the many museums within the smallest state in the world "Vatican City." We then were able to skip the line that wrapped around the walls of the state to view the Sistine Chapel. Can you say "WOW"......that was an experience that was second to none. We were unable to speak, take pictures, or show any skin on your shoulders or above your knees because of the sacred and holy environment. The paintings by Michelangelo were breathtaking to say the least. After this we were able to see Vatican square where the Pope is always introduced to his people from the balcony for the first time once he's selected. Behind the square resides the St. Peter's Basilica, which is the largest and oldest church in the world. The organs and the art were beautiful. It felt like the church just went on and on as if it never ended. After the tour it was another free day. Some of our team rented mopeds for the day and scootered around Rome just like you see in the Lizzy McGuire movie. After the shopping and scooter rides we all went back to the hotel and started getting ready for our last outing of the trip. We were all dressed up and excited to celebrate one last night with each other. Everyone piled into cabs in groups of four or five. Just the cab ride itself was an experience. A few teammates said their driver almost ran someone over on the way while others swear the cab driver honked at least 50 times during the ten minute ride. We went to a restaurant down by the river where we all took a ton of group photos and had an amazing meal. During the dinner we had our own personal Italian quartet playing throughout dinner.

They called up Olivia Brackett to the second floor to help then perform a little skit they had planned which had everyone laughing in seconds. After dinner we were lucky enough to receive a gift from our tour guides. We received T-shirts that said "Eurosportours" and each one had our numbers on them. The back also said, "The Ultimate Road Trip". It was a special moment and will be a neat keepsake for us all to remember our 2014 trip to Europe. Lastly, on behalf of the team, family, and friends I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Quinnipiac University and the athletics department for the opportunity to take this trip. Being a senior that just graduated, it was something I couldn't be more grateful for. It was amazing to be able to wrap up such a successful past season with this team and spend time with them as well as coaches and family. This trip has created an experience and memories that none of us will ever forget. To be able to learn about the culture in so many of these unique and historical places is something to cherish. So again, thank you to everyone at Quinnipiac that made this possible for us.

I would also like to thank Eurosportours, specifically Brad and Sergio for arranging this trip and the games with Zurich and the Swiss National Team. What a cool thing for us to be able to say we played against the Swiss National Team who just won a bronze medal in the 2014 Winter Olympics. Lastly, thank you to our family, friends and fans. Your ongoing love and support has contributed to our successes on and off the ice and it does not go unnoticed.

Authors: Amanda Colin and Kelly Babstock