Eurosportours has adapted its successful Hockey model and formula for Soccer Tours to Italy and Switzerland as well. Any Collegiate, Prep School, or youth soccer team tour will have a bona-fide Italian Team Leader who has had extensive experience in Italian Soccer. The Soccer venues will be dictated by the level of the team and demands of the Head Coach. Italy is virtually a ‘Soccer Paradise’ and boasts literally thousands of teams located throughout the entire country. Therefore, North American soccer teams have the luxury of being able to travel to any part of the country for games including Switzerland. Most teams will go to a professional soccer game at a venue like the San Siro Stadium which has an average attendance of 80,000 people!

There is also the option of requesting ‘’Soccer Clinics’ which will be run by an Italian Coach. Email us as for a free quote and sample itinerary for a Soccer Tour in Italy and Switzerland. There is no other soccer culture in the world like Italy!!