Eurosportours can match the level of most any Hockey team in North America with a comparable Swiss or Italian team. We emphasize quality Hockey, with social interaction, and cultural immersion for everyone involved on the trip. Eurosportours seeks to create an 'International Hockey Culture' whereby players, coaches and families come away with a better understanding for European hockey and maintain hockey contacts made on their trip. All of our staff are qualified to communicate information about the sport. The opportunity to play hockey in Europe will enhance a player's hockey profile and skills.

In addition, Eurosportours offers the opportunity to play Inline Roller Hockey in Italy. Inline Hockey took off in the mid-1990’s as the vast majority of Italian conventional roller hockey teams converted to Inline. The sport enjoys a huge following and many of the Pro Ice Hockey players now play Inline in the off-season. There are teams that stretch from Milan to Palermo, Rome to the Ligurian coast, allowing North American teams to play all areas of the country.

Eurosportours is the Number One Sports Travel Company  bringing North American Hockey Teams to Italy and Switzerland.  In the last thirteen years,  Professional  Players (including New York Rangers Derek Stepan  and  Toronto Maple Leafs  Jake Gardner)  and over  100 current  College and Club Hockey players have traveled to Europe to enhance their game and see the world. Each one of those players has commented on how their trip to Europe contributed to their development and increased their desire to elevate their game. Most all the players and coaches have said  it was a the trip of a lifetime!