Most Frequently asked questions

1. WHAT CURRENCY WILL BE USED ? In Switzerland, the currency used is the Swiss Franc, but almost all stores, shops, bars and restaurants will accept Euros as well, at the going exchange rate. In Italy Swiss Francs cannot be used, everything needs to paid for in Euros.

2. WHAT LANGUAGES WILL BE SPOKEN ? The spoken language in Italy and Southern Switzerland is Italian, but most Italians and Swiss do have a basic knowledge of the English language. For example, in hotels, restaurants, tourism points, there won’t be any problems to speak in English.

3. ARE THE VENUES SAFE ? Eurosportours makes it a priority to bring the groups to safe and unique venues. Parents will be able to enjoy their stay without having to worry about the safety of their kids. The venues we go to are kid friendly, so you can let your kids roam around the area and within the hotel without any problems.

4. WHAT ARE THE HOTELS LIKE ? Eurosportours only uses 4 star hotels, to make your stay a memorable one. All hotels are equipped with air-conditioning, wireless internet, luxury bar and a restaurant. Some hotels even have a wellness center and/or fitness center. To start your day on a positive note, you will be served an American breakfast in the morning. Just like home!

5. IS THE ITINERARY FLEXIBLE ? During your stay in Italy and Switzerland you will have ample free time to explore on your own. We put the emphasis on getting to know other people on the trip and locals as well as spending some time alone with your family. On occasion, we will offer you an optional activity or excursion. Scenic boat trips are quite popular as a group activity.

6. WHAT IS THE LEVEL OF PLAY LIKE? The level of play will vary according to the chemical make-up of the team coming over. For example , Shattuck St. Mary’s prestigious Prep Team played in December 2005 against the top Russian, Swiss and Czech Teams and lost in the Final. All games were extremely close and the loss came in penalty shoot-outs. Other Triple A Teams from Minnesota have always found the competition to be competitive and balanced. Recently, a Minnesota Team (U16) won an international two day tournament held in Romanshorn, Switzerland against top Swiss, Austrian and US teams. Usually, we can guarantee games and tourneys will be of equal caliber to those of teams coming over to be played with teams that equal the American Hockey level.

7. WHAT ABOUT THE FOOD ? An important aspect of the tour is discovering the European Culture through food. We will bring you to local, authentic, non-touristic restaurants and introduce you to the true Italian and Swiss cuisine. In order to make this an unforgettable experience, we put quality above quantity. When in your free time you plan to have a nice lunch or dinner on your own or with other family members, our staff will be glad to give you some advice.

8. WHAT SERVICES DO YOU OFFER ? Depending on the size and number of teams, a “team-leader” will be assigned for each team. In addition, a guide and coordinator for each trip will assist the group. For general information and specific questions you can count on our staff. During some of our city excursions, you will be accompanied by a professional guide. Eurosportours also offers a babysitting service, cell phones, travel and car rental assistance.

9. CAN A TOUR BE CUSTOMIZED ? While Eurosportours has standardized itineraries, it is certainly possible to adjust the itinerary to the groups’ interests and preferences. For example, the number of games played, venues visited, and hotel changes, varies from one group to the next. Generally speaking, a group will stay for three days on Lake Como, Italy, and two days in Lugano, Switzerland and two to three days in a mountain town such as Interlaken, Switzerland. The group will usually visit Milan , Venice or the Italian Riviera.

10. WHY SHOULD WE CHOOSE EUROSPORTOURS ? Eurosportours operates in one of the most beautiful and coveted areas of Europe. We have a distinct advantage of allowing visiting teams to compete in both Switzerland and Italy, fusing world class venues, rich culture and cuisine with great quality hockey. The group has a five year track-record of delivering a quality product both in terms of hockey and travel experience.