Jake Gardner-Toronto Maple Leafs

Jake Gardner“One of the best trips I have ever had and one that probably impacted me more than any other as a kid playing hockey was back in 2000 when an All Star Team from Minneapolis traveled to Italy and Switzerland. We played in an International Tournament in Lake Como, Italy and beat the Russians in the final to win the tourney. I can still remember going to Milano, Bellagio, and playing more games in Switzerland. I knew then I wanted to play in College, Internationally, and in the NHL!”

Greg Carvel-St. Lawrence University

"We went into the trip with a little a knowledge because teams from the league have done it before and raved about it," Carvel explained. "But the trip went beyond my expectations. The hockey experience was great…we played pro teams which were a good challenge for us. The places that we went were just beautiful, from Lake Como to driving through the Alps for every game we played, to touring the Italian Riviera, to Venice to Rome…"Probably the best part of the trip was to be together as a team for ten days straight and it was just a great bonding experience. As a coach I am excited that it springboards us into the season. It is not a cliche to say that this was a once in a lifetime experience!”

Head Coach Bob Gaudet

It was an unbelievable experience for our team. We went for 10 days in late August and early September and what it did for team bonding was something even I couldn’t predict. We took 21 upperclassmen and for the returning guys on our team to be together and get the experience of playing really good hockey and the culture of going to places like Venice and Rome, being at the Vatican and the Colosseum, and Lake Como and Switzerland was truly remarkable. It truly was the trip of a lifetime for everyone involved."

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Derek Stepan-New York Rangers

Eurosportours“I traveled to Italy and Prague back in 2005-06 with Shattuck St. Mary’s and they were amazing trips. It was fun getting to know the director Brad as he too is from Hastings, MN like myself. We played in a spectacular tournament in Switzerland against the Russians, Czechs, and Swiss which was my first International Hockey experience. The following year we played against Sparta and Slavia Praha which has an incredible ‘Hockey Culture’. Playing across the pond really helped my development and gave me a taste of the European game!"

Client List of Professional and Collegiate Players

Professional Players

Austin Smith/Colgate/Texas Stars
Ben Blood/Binghamton Senators
Ben Youds/Rockford Ice Dogs
Zach Harrison/Alaska Aces
Jordy Murray/ Lugano, Switzerland
Kevin McNamara/Colgate/ Norway
Tom Duggan-Pro /Bracknell Bees, United Kingdom

College Hockey Players

Thomas Larkin/ Colgate University/Italian National Team
Marshall Everson/Harvard University
Max Everson/Harvard University
Luke Greiner/Harvard University
Alex Fallstrom/Harvard University
Tommy Fallen/Yale University
Nate Jensen/Penn State University
Max Gardner/Penn State University
David Toews/University of North Dakota
James Mullin/Miami University
Anthony Raiola/University of Massachusetts
Sam Coatta/Union College
Brett Kostolansky/University of New Hampshire
Nick Bruneteau/Lake Superior State
Kyle Murphy/Notre Dame
James Polk/University of Nebraska Omaha
Eli Zuck/Minnesota State University
J.P. La Fontaine/Minnesota State University
Joe Marciano/Colorado College
Jeff Smith/RIT
Kevin Tuohy/University of Connecticut
Matt Bruneteau/University of Vermont
H.T. Lenz/University of Vermont
Mac Williams/St. Thomas University
Geof Sadjadi/St. Thomas University
Kurt Williams/Manhattanville College
Brian Elser/Manhattanville College
Kurt Williams/Manhattanville
Andrew O’Leary/Army
Jake Anderson/American International College
Peter Lompado/Cortland Red Dragons
David Adams/St.Olaf University
Ben Umhoefer/St. Olaf University
Blake Matejcek/St.Olaf University
Jack Nicoll/St. Olaf University
Joe Brock/Holy Cross
Alex Stuart/Sacred Heart University
Justin Brossman/University of Wisconsin River Falls
Masa Takahashi/Lawrence
Brandon Berquam/Lawrence
Brian Volpei/St. Cloud State
Patrick Rogan/Arizona State
Isaac Kohls/Niagra
Sam Alfieri/Niagra University
Kyle Forte/Lawerence
Steve Hickey/University of Alabama
Brad Robbins/Bemidji State

All players from the 2011 Colgate University Men’s Team, 2012 St. Olaf University and 2012 Bethel Women’s Hockey Teams.