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The Italians have been playing baseball since WWII when the American soldiers taught them the game. They have had professional leagues for decades equivalent to A or AA level in the USA and there are many Americans that play baseball in Italy. Italians love their sports.  Though soccer is number one, they do have a great passion for baseball and have amateur and youth leagues.  Most of the baseball is played in the north of the country and that is where we will focus our trip.

Italy has so much to offer and would be impossible to experience in a week. This trip is an eight night adventure designed to experience the northern and central parts of Italy highlighting the major sites and cities while playing baseball. Our trip will include Lake Como, Milan, Venice, Bologna, Rimini, Florence, and Rome, Italy. The tour will vacillate between baseball games and walking tours, boating and cultural excursions, gourmet dinners, nights out on the town, and more.These trips will automatically create a real bond between the players, coaches and staff. We encourage the coaches and players to try our ‘Team Building’ excursions like running up a mountain top under the olive groves to a 16th Century Church with a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Coast!

These trips will automatically create a real bond between the players, coaches and staff. We encourage the coaches and players to try our Team Building excursions like jogging up a mountain under the olive groves to a 16th Century Church with a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Coast!

The college teams will play the appropriate level Professional Italian Teams and will be usually have dinner with the opposition teams after the games. The NCAA allows college teams to play up to four games during their stay along with several practices prior to departing. They will usually travel during the month of July/August or December. We will also provide a Team Leader who has played in Italy and coached for several years and enjoys sharing his experiences and differences of the infrastructure, sponsorships, systems, recruiting and more. That is in addition to our top rated professional guides. Whatever the age, we guarantee that everyone will have a trip of a lifetime!

Youth teams usually travel in the summer. The Youth Teams will play against their perspective Junior National Teams (U18, U15, U12). Recently, Italy has been making great progress with the youth development as the Italian U12 National Team has won the 2019 European Cup again for the third time in a row! If possible, we try and find or create a small tournament for the kids.

Known as the “Boot”, Italy is simply the most beautiful country in the world. It is a diverse country with many different dialects, climates, and landscapes. It offers the spectacular Italian Alps, picturesque lakes and stunning Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea views, the romantic rolling hills of Tuscany and canals of Venice will stop people in their tracks, the beautiful Amalfi Coast in the south is overwhelming, and the industrial and fashion centers of Rome and Milan are extraordinary. Italy is famous for its intricate architecture, outstanding climate, famous inventors, scientists, fashion designers, and of course the food and wine. Eating doesn’t get any better than in Italy! The people are also very friendly and welcome tourists with open arms. We’ll be visiting historic cities, beautiful beaches, and lots of great restaurants. There will be time on your own in each area to relax, shop or see the sites on your own.  Between baseball, excursions, and tours, you will also have free time on your own.  This is a unique opportunity for you to combine both baseball and travel for an experience you will never forget!

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