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Eurosportours is the number one sports travel company hosting North American hockey teams in Italy and Switzerland. For almost two decades we've hosted over two thousand players, coaches, and supporters. Our goal is to enhance everyone’s game  while exploring and learning about the history and culture of Europe.

We offer Hockey, Soccer and Baseball.

We take pride in having created and cultivated the best sports tour of its kind. Bring the whole team to Europe, play hockey, soccer or baseball against the local teams, explore the European landscapes, take in the sites, learn the history - eat the food, mama Mia the food! -  and absorb the European culture. Players and coaches tell us how their trip to Europe contributed to their development, increased their desire to elevate their game and how much fun they had!

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Your team competes against local teams while enjoying a first class tour of Europe and all it's scenic, historical and cultural offerings.

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Team Building is an essential ingredient to these trips. It’s a natural consequence when players and staff are playing great hockey and cultivating new experiences.

We bring teams to all of Europe including France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Finland and the Czech Republic. Our itineraries, number of games, and excursions are customized for each team.

Our strength lies in its ability to match teams from both sides of the ocean. From NCAA College Teams to Youth Teams, the European competiton will be at the same level, providing for an even playing field for all.

Feedback From Players and Coaches

A trip we will never forget is how I would describe our tour with the St. Thomas Mens’ Hockey Team in December 2019. The experience met all of our expectations in terms of beauty, cuisine, game experience, lodging and historical significance. The trip was enhanced by the professionalism of the staff. The organized tours, knowledge of the area, quality and charisma of the guides and personal attention we received was unique and special.

Eurosportours provides an opportunity for a trip of a lifetime. I am so excited about the trip that I am bringing my Triple A Baseball Team next year. Thanks again to Brad and his amazing staff!

Tal Gravelle
Team Leader and Forest Lake BAseball Coach

These trips to Italy and Switzerland exceeded our expectations. Beating the Italian National Team on penalty shots was a real highlight, but it was the beautiful landscapes, the amazing cuisine, architecture and historical venues that really made the trip for us. The entire staff was great and it was an experience that both our teams will never forget. We will certainly do it again!

Dan Vaughan
Head Coach, Colgate University

This was by far the greatest trip ever for our hockey team. The combination of Italy and Switzerland is amazing and the level of hockey for our team matched ours. The hotels, venues, excursions and staff were exceptional and of course the cultural value to the players and families was priceless!

John Bazzachini
Former Coach, St. Olaf Womens Hockey Team

The hockey was competitive and the Swiss Teams are right at our leveI. I believe everyone agrees it is about the experience, the team bonding that goes on, and all that you learn on a tour of this nature. We will be returning in the future as it is a turn-key operation from start to finish.

Brian Carlson
Head Coach Bethel University

A trip we will never forget is how I would sum up our Oswego Hockey Team and supporters reaction to our truly unforgettable experience in Italy and Switzerland!

With the superb competition, cuisine, finest of wines, upscale hotels and the boating excursions, every day was an adventure!

The professionalism of the staff from walking tours to commentary on the bus, their passion and energy for Italy was contagious. Having ‘Dosh’ along who spent much of his life there was special as he shared many great stories. Mission accomplished, we can’t wait to go back!

Ed Gosek
Hockey Coach, Oswego University

We had already taken two trips with my buddy Dosh with my Triple A Team and our Hamline Team Trip was just as great, if not better!

The guides were priceless, the new venues we discovered were tailored for young men rather than kids and the guys had a blast! It was a real team bonding experience that carried over to the season. We had some real tearful thank yous from many of the players and the parents.

Cory Laylin
Head Coach Hamline University and EuroAmerican AAA

Our trip to Italy and Switzerland was a trip of a lifetime. The Swiss and Italian Hockey Teams we played really challenged both players and staff as we had to adjust to a different style and system.

Thanks to Eurosportours as they thought of everything and they were organized, professional and provided a first class tour!

Rand Pecknold
Head Coach, Quinnipiac University Hockey Team

Speaking on behalf of Tom Palkowski and myself, a trip of a lifetime was our reaction to our truly unforgettable experience in Italy and Switzerland.

The trip exceeded all our expectations with the great hockey we played against Swiss and Italian Pro Teams, stunning beauty of Lake Como, the Castles, Venice canals and the aura of Florence with an amazing New’s Year Eve show. Finally, the history and beauty of Rome was riveting. The boys and girls can’t stop talking about it!

Duke Boeser
Former STU Men's Hockey Coach

As a kid playing hockey, in 2000 my team went on a trip to Switzerland and it was the most impactful trip of my life. Until I met Brad and Eurosportours!

Back in 2000  our team from Minneapolis and traveled to Italy and Switzerland. We played in a Tournament in Lake Como, Italy and beat the Russians in the final to win the tourney. I can still remember going to Milan, Bellagio and playing more games in Switzerland. I knew then I wanted to play in college, internationally and in the NHL!

Jake Gardiner
Carolina Hurricanes

We went into the St. Lawrence University trip with a little knowledge because teams from the league have done it before and raved about it. But the trip went beyond my expectations.

The hockey experience was great. We played pro teams which were a good challenge for us. The places that we went were just beautiful, from Lake Como to driving through the Alps for every game we played, to touring the Italian Riviera, to Venice to Rome.

Probably the best part of the trip was to be together as a team for ten days straight and it was just a great bonding experience. As a coach I am excited that it springboards us into the season. It is not a cliché to say that this was a once in a lifetime experience!

Greg Carvel

About five years ago I met Brad and by talking to him I was impressed with his enthusiasm and passion about taking sports groups to Europe and particularly to Italy, my homeland.

I trusted he would do a good job with the team I was coaching at that time. I gave Brad some guidelines and he put together an incredible tour that myself, the coaching staff and all my players will never forget.

Everything was impeccable from transportation to food to training facilities and hospitality. The trip was a huge success as he was able to get some friendly matches with high caliber teams. I still have players reaching out to me to thank me for those memorable moments.

Since then, we decided to put our resources together and partner up organizing soccer fan and team tours to Europe, specializing in Italy. I look forward to our upcoming tours!

Ferdinando De Matthaeis
Head Coach, Miami Fusion

It was an unbelievable experience for our team. We took 21 upperclassmen and for the returning guys on our team it was great to be together and get the experience of playing pro hockey teams.

Going to places like Venice, Milan, Rome, the Vatican and the Colosseum, and Lake Como and Switzerland was truly remarkable. It truly was the trip of a lifetime for everyone involved.

Bob Gaudet
Former Dartmouth Hockey Coach

My family and I love these trips. I think Brad has a unique advantage with Eurosportours in that he has played college hockey, along with being a pro player and coach for over twenty-five years in Europe.

He really understands what North Americans are looking for in terms of quality hockey, the accommodations, fantastic cuisine, service and amazing venues like Venice and Lake Como, Italy. It really is an experience of a lifetime.

Dave Jensen
USA Hockey / Touchpoint Media

It was a throwback trip of watching our players sit back on the bus, playing cards, laughing, talking and hanging out. The Swiss and Italian Pro Teams were fun to play against and really challenged us. The excursions, food and the monuments including the Vatican and Colosseum were amazing!

Mike Schafer
Cornell University Hockey Coach

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for our team. The guides provided such a rich cultural education and it was especially rewarding to play against the Swiss National Team coming off their historic Bronze Medal winning performance at the 2014 Olympics!

Paul Nemetz-Carlson
Director of Women's Ice Hockey Operations, Quinnipiac University

Top Destinations

Blending competitive action against international opponents with a variety of cultural and culinary experiences to create travel memories of a life time.

Italy is full of hidden treasures and we enjoy sharing them with our guests. We also pride ourselves by staying in or visiting “Emerald in the Ruff” venues such as beautiful mountain villages, coastal fishing towns, exotic beaches, underground wineries and more! In addition, most of our amazing restaurants will be unknown to the average tourist. Our experienced Italian Staff and Guides enjoy interacting with North Americans and are not only extremely knowledgeable, and also very entertaining.

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