Eurosportours is the Number One Sports Travel Company hosting North American Hockey Teams in Italy and Switzerland.  For almost two decades, we have hosted over two thousand players, coaches, and supporters. Our goal is to enhance everyone’s game all the while exploring and learning about the European culture.

We take pride in being able to match any level against that of a European Teams. Players of and coaches of all ages have commented on how their trip to Europe contributed to their development, increased their desire to elevate their game and more importantly, that it was truly a trip of a lifetime.

Team Building is an essential ingredient to these trips. It’s a natural consequence when players and staff are playing great hockey and cultivating new experiences.

We bring teams to all of Europe including France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Finland and the Czech Republic. Our itineraries, number of games, and excursions are customized for each team.

Our strength lies in its ability to match teams from both sides of the ocean. From NCAA College Teams to Youth Teams, the European competiton will be at the same level, providing for an even playing field for all.

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Blending competitive action against international opponents with a variety of cultural and culinary experiences to create travel memories of a life time. Italy is full of hidden treasures and we enjoy sharing them with our guests.


We also pride ourselves staying in or visiting “Emerald in the Rough” venues such as beautiful  mountain villages, coastal fishing towns, exotic beaches, underground wineries, and more! In addition, most of our amazing restaurants will be unknown to the average tourist.


Our experienced Italian Staff and Guides enjoy interacting with North Americans and are not only extremely knowledgeable, and also very entertaining.

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