Eurosportours: Coaching Players To The Collegiate Hockey Level

Eurosportours has expanded to Performance Coaching by working with talented youth hockey players wanting to play at the D1 or D3 NCAA Hockey Level. Having coached twenty-five years professionally in Europe, Brad Doshan uses a system of coaching which focuses on teaching European technique, goal setting, player relations, attitude, and monitors their game performances. While hosting college hockey teams in Europe, he developed relationships with numerous college coaches throughout the USA, Italy, and Switzerland. Two of his proteges; Thomas Larkin and Raffaele Sannitz were both NHL draft picks.

Thomas Larkin: “Brad coached me in Italy at age fourteen and convinced me that I had great potential so he started giving me private lessons, taught me skating technique, game analysis, relationship with coaches, attitude, and short and long term goals. He helped guide me in my career, got me scouting exposure in Minnesota, a skating specialist, shooting coaches, all of which projected me to Colgate University and Italian National Team. I played two exhibition games with the Columbus Blue Jackets and now playing in Mannheim, Germany. Brad was truly instrumental in my development and learning about the psychology of the game.”

Eurosportours Performance Coaching and Consulting Program

Private Lessons: Skating and shooting technique, goal scoring tricks, corner work, re-directs and rebounding technique, offensive and defensive tactics, rotations, cycling, and more.

Game Analysis: We will attend three games a month with immediate post-game feedback, attitude, short and long term objectives, individual game analysis, Showcases, testing, tracking progress and more.

Psychology: Approach to the game, relationship with players and coaches, personal motivation, leadership, importance of being a role model, expectations of college coaches, getting noticed, and more.

European Hockey: Learn the ‘The European Game" by attending Hockey Camps, tours, and criteria for potentially playing in Europe.

Brad played for legendary coach Herb Brooks and the 1979 Minnesota Gopher National Championship Team where many teammates went on to win the Gold Medal in the 1980 Olympics. He then signed with Minnesota North Stars Farm Team and played and coached professionally for twenty-five years in Italy, the UK, and in Lugano, Switzerland. He now resides in St. Petersburg, FL where he is the president of Eurosportours which has hosted Men’s and Women’s College Teams in Europe since 2000. Brad is also a hockey consultant and ‘Performance Coach’. For more information email Brad at or call 612-419-9615.

 “The Introduction Package” (Three Months*)
A. Monthly consultations with parent and player regarding development, progress and more.
B. Coach attends 1-2 games a month with player post-game analysis and input, advice, mentoring and more.
C. One private lesson on ice and one off-ice. Extra private lessons on and off-ice cost $60- $150.00/hour.
D. Player Evaluation Report (PER): Player strengths/weaknesses, recommendations for additional clinics, camps, prep schools (if applicable)

“The Hockey Season” ( Six months*)
A. Consultations with parents and player regarding development, progress and more.
B. Coach attends three games a month throughout the season with post game analysis and progress report tracking goal setting objectives, relationship with coaches and teammates, and more.
C. Three private lessons every month costing $60-150/hour depending on the duration.
D. Player Evaluation Report (PER): Player strengths/weaknesses, recommendations for additional clinics, camps, and prep schools (if applicable)
E. Networking and introductions with potential scouts/coaches and eventual assistance should he or she want to play in Europe after college.

Raffaele Sannitz: "Brad started coaching me at age nine in Lugano, Switzerland. He spotted my potential to play two levels up and convinced the team General Manager that I would become a Swiss Pro Player and might have the chance to get drafted which I did with Columbus. He coached me at three different levels and taught me so much about the game. I ended up playing twenty-three years in Swiss LNA Pro League and with the Swiss National Team in five World Championships."

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